Hear what our past attendees have to say...

"SmartRail provided a valuable perspective of the technology, investment, commitment and concerns across international rail systems."
Anthony Hollinshead, Engineering Director, Railsys Ltd


The SmartRail congress was great with good speakers and a perfect organization!

Jan Vanrokeghem, Project Manager ETCS Level 2 & Interlocking, Infrabel


"It was great to get an insight into other countries' processes, ideas and problems. We can take away some tips and new ideas to discuss with our team."

Laura Holmes, Innovation Project Manager, TransPennine Express

“Some fascinating insights and observations on the past, present and future of our railways.”

Richard Storey, Project Manager, Network Rail Telecom

“There was a very wide range of very apposite subjects covered.”

Alan Nichols, Operations Resource Manager, South Western Railway

"I met people from different rail sector and skills - thank you for the organisation."

Christophe Lacote, Business Developer, Traxens


"It is the conference for the Innovation People of the rail industry in Europe - and beyond."

Andreas Kronawitter, Head IT-strategy & innovation, BLS AG

“Wonderfully done, informative across a multitude of disciplines, question & answer sessions were candid and helpful. Leaves me with positive thoughts about the future of this industry and those who are contributing toward its progress. Thanks again!”

Walter Weiss, Director of Engineering, Twinco

“Good information keeping me abreast of the technology moving forward”

Thomas Langer, Safety, Los Angeles Metropolitan Authority


"An excellent opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of what is state of the art in railway business. Definitely worth to dedicate two working days for it."

Dirk Oelschläger, Advisor European Rail Freight Corridors, DB Cargo AG


 "SmartRail is the platform bringing together engineering and efficient rail transport."

Frank Jost, Senior Administrator, European Commission - DG Move


"A very well organised event. A real opportunity to exchange on the future of rail transportation"

Pierre-Jean Ginoux, ERTMS Director, SNCF


“It was a very interesting event and a great opportunity to know more about the progresses made in the sector and what is need for the future development in the rail industry.”

Silvia De Rocchi, Business Analyst, TRA Consulting

“A very well organized event with the opportunity to make contacts with other people across the railway industry and from all over the world.”

Frederik Van Assendelft, Charmain Railgroup, Rover

“Very interesting presentations and chance to share experiences.”

Roel Wachelder, ERTMS Project Manager, DB Cargo

 "This Congress gathered an assembly of experts of various railway sectors from all around Europe  to share their experiences. One of the best places to provide you with the latest achievements in various sectors of railways... Attending at this congress as a speaker was an opportunity for me to become aware of many successful accomplishments gained in modern railways and opened my eyes to astonishing progresses made in the rail transportation area... I really appreciate you for organizing such a great event and hope to be able to take part further in such events to share professional knowledge and understanding about railways."

Asghar Bahramali, Project Director, IIRR Islamic Republic of Iran Railways


 "Very well organized and a great networking event. Good location for this type of event. Varied attendees with some great presentations."

Richard Lenthall, Regional Account Manager, Voestalpine Signalling


"A great opportunity to share learnings and discuss how the industry can address its current challenges, especially improved operational efficiency and enhanced passenger satisfaction"

Jay Saw, Commercial Director, Nomad Digital


 "The place where the industry meets to share ideas and experiences"

Duncan Cross, Deputy Director of Operations, London Overground
"Nice place for networking, good selection of high ranked players in the transportation industry."
Bernard Feaux, Business Development Manager, Kontron

"It was great to be able to meet fellow forward thinkers and discuss the railway of tomorrow."

Raphael Pfaff, Professor of Rail Vehicle Engineering, Fachhochschule Aachen

 "The event showed some appealing examples of what can be achieved in today's digital (rail) environment"

Peter Boom, Director of Business Development, Voestalpine Signalling

"During this conference I got clearly the impression that the railway world is starting to embrace the passenger."

Frederik Van Assendelft, Rover Dutch Transportation

"Good event. Well organised and convenient."

Peter Smyth, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Irish Rail (Iarnród Éireann)
"An event densely packed with talks giving insight into the daily practise of digitalisation in european train companies."
Andreas Feldner, Solution Architect, Deutsche Bahn 
 "A good overview of recent trends and an effective opportunity to network"
Meinte Wildschut, Consultant, NedTrain


"An opportinity to see the trends of the communications in railway systems. Very interesting stands."

Fernando Carnicero, CEO, TELICE COMET S.L.


"Smartrail is the place to be to understand how rail technologies will evolve and catch the innovation train!"

Davide Vado, Sales & Business Development, Bombardier Transportation

 "If you want to meet everyone working in telecoms in the rail industry, this is the place to be."

Gavin James, Programme Manager, Digital & Telecoms Services, Department of Transport

"A very informative show about the future of the rail. Everything was really well organized, the conferences were relevant."

Berengere Vuathier, Commercial PR Coordinator, Thalys

"Great place to hear news from the industry and meet other railway professionals."

David Price, Lead Reliability Engineer, London Underground

"Well organized - SmartRail offers a holistic view in current pain points and future developments of the railway industry!"

Sebastian Riedel, Corporate Development, Knorr-Bremse AG

 "Very informative for us."

Rob de Vries, Senior Project Leader, GVB

"Very nice, a very useful event to meet railway and metro projects across the continent."

Dean Balatinac, Business Economist, Siemens

“Interesting presentations and good network opportunities.”

Dirk Haseloff, Business Analyst, BLS

  "I have enjoyed the congress and increased my knowledge on Railway Signalling Systems. Thanks for organizing such events."

Süleyman Acikbas, General Manager, RailSis Engineering & Consultancy


"The best place to pick up the new trends in the rail industry"

Patrick Rozijn, ICT Architect, NS Groep N.V. 

 "SmartRail presents, under one roof, the views of train operators and infrastructure managers, large and small, that's pretty unique."

Nicolas Goupil, Product Manager, Keymile AG

"A range of interesting speakers and topics with plenty of time to network in pleasant surroundings"

Tony Crabtree, Sub-Contractor, Deutsche Bahn 

"SmartRail is a great platform to meet key players in the industry, to change opinions and points of view about it's performance and to update your knowledge. Great Opportunity!!"

Jose Enrique Pena, Sim-Impex GmbH 

"SmartRail is the place to learn from the experiences of other experts. Very good rooms for the various conferences. Excellent topics with a continuity in the progress."

Armand Toubol, Vice-President & Honorary Joint General Manager of SNCF, NewOpera

"The place for networking and for discussions about future rail technology."

Wolfgang Wenzel, Sales Director Public Transport, Frequentis AG

"Very interesting mix of perspectives both from within the typical railway industry and related branches.Good mix. And I really liked the key-note, such a different perspective compared to the 'typical' rail professional!"

Arman Peighambari, Consultant, SCI Verkehr

"Very dynamic, very innovative and flexible, no time wasted"

Jean-Francois de Lantsheere, Deputy Managing Director, 21Net

"SmartRail reached our expectations, it was a great place for networking"

Juan Antonio Cuesta, General Manager, Eco-Rail 

"Good speakers, good location & organisation"

Willard Kamerling, Consultant, RegioTram Utrecht/HTA-Rail


"SmartRail is a very good place for networking and starting to engage with new challenges for railway application."

Franco de Fazio, Key Account Manager, Comtest Wireless 

"SmartRail is a place to meet interesting, active people and to have the newest information"

Gerhard Bernstein, Professor, KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

"The organisation of the event was all-in-all very good. Keep working in this direction."

Olena Kryzhko, Strategy and Business Development Manager, Siemens 

"SmartRail offers good opportunities for networking, sharing personal experiences and gives an excellent overview of the state of the industry"

Dusan Zalar, Undersecretary, Ministry for Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, Slovenia 

"It provided me a valuable overview of the innovation challenges ahead and good opportunities to meet up with people from different parts of the industry."

Arjen Zoeteman, Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Innovation & Sustainable development, ProRail 

"Very innovative and flexible."

Jean-Fran‡ois Lantsheere, Managing Director, 21Net

"Excellent as usual: Congratulations!"

Nicolas Laurelut, Head of Telecoms Unit, RFF


"I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to participate in this thrilling event for the rail industry"

Christian Schang, Projects Director, SNCF INFRA


"SmartRail is the place to be for networking, to meet industry experts and to listen about rail technology and innovation."

Talhat Khechen, Head of Engineering, RFF 

"It was a very good experience in that I got to learn more from the experiences of other rail operators and also hear and see what the future of railway will be."

Bello Roni, Deputy Director (Signals & Telecomms), Nigerian Railway Corporation 

"I am very satisfied of the overall experience."

Dragana Stosic, Senior Advisor, Serbia Railway Directorate


"Good high-level review of the status of innovation on signalling and communication technology in Europe."

Manuel Villalba, Sales Manager, CAF Signalling

"Really interesting topics and a great networking opportunity!"

Tony Ward, Engineering Project Manager ERTMS, Infrabel


"It was a pleasure to participate in SmartRail, which was a fantastic, well organized and high level event."

Aurelio Rojo Garrido, Secretario General de ALAMYS


"Very interesting and I would like to congratulate SmartRail for the high quality show."

Florian Korver, Responsable Mission Innovation & Développement, RATP/ ING

“Excellent opportunity to network, exchange ideas and experiences”

Antonio E Lopez, Commercial Director, ADIF

"Very helpful information from other projects and standards bodies."

Mike Jacob, Project Manager, First Capital Connect

"Well organized with high quality speakers"

Nicolas Laurelut, Head of Telecommunications Unit, RFF 

"It was my first time in SmartRail and my experience was wonderful."

Jose Aurelio Rojo Garrido, Director, Alamys


"An excellent conference. Great sessions with excellent attendance”

Alexandra Adavrov, Development Director, RZD - Russian Railways 

"It is easy to see why GTF is so successful. The amount of work jointly with experts is outstanding. GTF are right on the top of the list with regards to quality and value for money”

Norman Frisch, Business Development Railway Solutions, Huawei


“For me, it was a unique experience to meet all the suppliers before the launch of our tendering process.”

Dominuque Deau, RFF/SNCF


"A valuable platform for meeting rail personalities from all Europe and beyond."

Andreas Feldner, ICT Solutions Infrastructure Presales & Consulting, DeutscheBahn

"A good chance to be in touch with people of the signalling, telecommunication and IT areas - and to know how the standards are being followed by industry and operators."

Sergio Goncalves, Engineer, Headwayx Engenharia


"Thank you very much for the excellent congress."

Ivan Grigorchenkov, Project Engineer, London Underground 

"It was a good experience as it broaden my railway knowledge."

Muhammad Ashaari Bin Ariff, Senior Project Leader, Land Transport Authority 

"Great show! Keep it up!"

Ron Rijswijk, IT advisor, Dienst Metro Amsterdam 

"Discussions were very enthusiastic."

Cirillo Ghielmetti, Project Manager, HaslerRail 

"Thanks and hope to visit next year."

Dennis Hieralal, Architecture Manager, Benerail


"Very good event with lots of networking opportunities. A proper information and idea market."

Markus Gilges, Director of Business Development, Militope